End Untouchability, Build a better Nepal

Introduction of the organization:

Rastriya Dalit Network (RDN) Nepal is the national level Dalit organization working in the field of Dalit rights, land rights, Haliya rights, Kamaiya rights and Human Rights through community mobilization, capacity building and advocacy campaigns since the time of its establishment. It is working all over the country in 77 Districts. It has one Dalit activist in each district and 7 provincial chapters formed and functional. RDN Nepal is registered as a non-governmental organization in District Administration Office, Kailali and affiliated in Social Welfare Council in 2004. It organizes the General Assembly each year and election in each three years through democratic practice. It has regular audit and social audit from the very beginning.

RDN Nepal has been working on human rights and social justice to end impunity, deprivation through human rights based to development.  There are 17 members in executive committee board. Out of them, more than 40% represents from women. A total 12 members (5 from key position and 7 from each province) are directly elected from its general assembly and rest 5 are nominated form various sectors (1 from Badi, one from freed Haliyas, one from elected Dalit representatives and 2 from women). Rastriya Dalit Network (RDN) Nepal has ample of experiences advocating on the issues of forced labors and modern slavery. It has played significant role to facilitate on emancipation and rehabilitation of freed Haliyas and ex-Kamaiyas through social mobilization and issue based advocacy campaign. Similarly, it also coordinated with Action Aid International Nepal (AAIN) to construct the permanent housing of ex-Kamaiyas at Kailali district after the emancipation. Now, RDN is actively working as the coordinator of Forced Labour Elimination Advocacy Group (FLeAG) that includes more than 25 local NGOs, experts on forced labour and trade unions in Nepal. In addition, it has also been advocating on human trafficking all over the country with mobilizing its Dalit activists under Dalit rights campaign.